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Welcome to Heavers Farm. On this blog you can find all the information you need about joining us in September 2020.

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Autumn Term 1 Learning

Autumn Term 1 in Reception This term we welcome your children to their new reception classes. We will be focussing on getting each child settled into the new environment so that they feel safe and secure and as parents you are satisfied and know that your child is happy at school. This half term the […]

Maths in Silver class

Exploring the numbers 1-10 using objects. We built towers out of multilinks (cubes). 

Free flow in Silver class

“Miss! look what I’ve built. A very big city with lots of things in it.” Pointing to some part of the piece saying “This is the factory where all the bottles are made.”

Getting ready for Reception

Starting school will be an exciting time for your child and also for you as parents and families. We understand that it can sometimes be a worrying time too, especially if your child has not attended a nursery school setting. However, with a little preparation and working in partnership with you your child will have a happy and positive settling in period.

Children are unique individuals and are at different stages of their development and you can support your child’s settling in process by trying out the following:  

Talk with your child about starting school.

Together look at the school website and classroom videos

What do they think it will be like?  – What are they most looking forward to?

Is there anything they’re unsure or worried about?

Find photos of you and other family members at school, and talk about happy memories from your own school days. 

If your child seems anxious about school, try focusing on the things they’ll like best – maybe the sand play or meeting new friends.

Perhaps they have some friends from nursery or in the neighbourhood who will be starting reception at the same time.

Read books together about starting school and play the BBC games

https://youtu.be/1zQivaCXu-Q (Starting School – Janet Ahlberg)

https://youtu.be/ri8rxNVWNCA (First Day of School)

BBC Play the story game – My first day at school –



(Maths Game)

Over the summer you are also encouraged to have a try with your child to work towards the following:

  • Recognising their name
  • Writing the first letter of their name   / Writing their name
  • Holding a pencil carefully
  • Getting dressed by themselves
  • Doing up their zip / buttons
  • Recognising numbers 1- 10
  • Placing number in order
  • Writing numbers
  • Using the toilet independently / washing hands
  • Tidying up toys after they have used them
  • Waiting their turn / Sharing toys
  • Using scissors – cutting out shapes

Together we will ensure that your child has a positive settling in period.

Welcome to Reception

My name is Ms McIntosh and I am leader for the Reception Classes across the school’s federation of Selsdon and Heavers Primary school.

This year I am Ladybird class teacher at Selsdon Primary School and I am excited at the fact of welcoming you all and leading the reception years. In September 2020 things will be a little different due to the current situation with COVID; however, we aim to make your child’s entire learning experience and settling in a safe, happy and memorable time.

This new new website contains links to the current website where you can access information including school polices, packed lunch guidance, term dates and read about School’s opening in September.

Settling into reception

Your child may be used to being away from you having attended play settings, however, you can additionally prepare your child for reception by using the suggestions outlined above on the main page of the new school blog – Have fun with learning with your child.!

As the children will be settling into a new environment it will be necessary for your child to have a spare set of clothes in school should they need to get changed. Please on their first day provide a bag with a full set of clothes – inclusive of socks, trousers, underwear and top.

Please also return all completed forms from your introduction pack to the school on your child’s first day on 7th September 2020. There will also be additional forms to sign for including consent for photographs.

How will my child learn in reception?

All children in Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and this includes the 7 different areas of learning and development in the EYFS:

  • Communication and language development
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social, and emotional development
  • Literacy development
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

In the Reception year children’s learning builds on what they can already do by themselves and they will be playing and exploring – active in their learning, creating and thinking critically.  Reception children have planned both indoor and outdoor experiences accessing all areas of the curriculum enabling them to be ready for their next step in their learning.

Children will be engaging in learning and teaching experiences which include maths learning, communication, phonics, reading and writing.

Read more about the Reception Curriculum and starting school:


Please do continue to send in your child’s photo which will be used for their coat peg. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Best Regards

Ms McIntosh

Early Years Phase Leader – Reception